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HEYDAR ASADOV MET WITH VLADİMİR YAKUSHEV, GOVERNOR OF TYUMEN REGION OF RUSSIAN FEDERATIONHeydar Asadov, Minister of the Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan met wıth Vladimir Yakushev, Governor of Tyumen Region of Russian Federation who paid official visit to Baku city to attend VII Azerbaijani-Russian inter-regional forum in 2 November 2016.

The expansion of opportunities for cooperation in agriculture between Tyumen region and the Republic of Azerbaijan and improving the efficiency of import and export processes of agricultural products were the main topics of the meeting.

Heydar Asadov greeted the guests and said that agriculture as a priority area of economy was covered with attention and care of the president of the country stressing that traditionally the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan had wide relations in economic, political as well as agricultural fields.

Minister noted that climatic conditions of the country are favorable for development of various sectors of agriculture and agricultural products produced here have the quality of environmental point of view.

The minister gave detailed information on the export potential of the country and emphasized that there are large opportunities for cooperation in the field of export of agricultural products between Azerbaijan and Tyumen region. He brought to the attention of the governor that providing demand of the region for agricultural products with Azerbaijan products reducing the loss of time and expense is possible. Minister Heydar Asadov proposed that agricultural products needed by Tyumen region are exported to the other side by being a pre-determined on the basis of import and export potential by the direct order of businessmen of Tyumen region.

Vladimir Yakushev, Governor of Tyumen Region expressed his satisfaction with the meeting and noted that the proposal provided by the Minister during the meeting was commendable.

In the end of meeting. a tentative agreement has been obtained for conducting of mutual discussions in the working group level for above mentioned issues.