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DEPUTY MINISTER SEYFADDIN TALIBOV MET IFAD NEWLY APPOINTED COUNTRY PROGRAM MANAGER TAREK KOTBDeputy Minister Seyfaddin Talibov met country`s newly appointed country program manager of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Mr Tarek Kotb and former country program manager Ms Dina Saleh.

The main purpose of the meeting was to speed up the implementation of Integrated Rural Development Project and the bilateral cooperation with IFAD.

Welcoming the guests, the Deputy Minister Seyfaddin Talibov mentioned that Azerbaijan has a long history of relations with IFAD, also with international financial institutions and stressed that international organizations, as well as IFAD plays an important role on achievements in the field of agriculture of the country. The deputy minister praised the projects implemented by international financial institutions, as well as by FAO, and stressed that the 38% of country population works in the field of agriculture and these kind of projects serves to the rural development and improvement of social welfare of population.

Mr Seyfaddin Talibov expressed that he hopes that the relations IFAD on the implementations of new projects will further develop in the future.

Ms Dina Saleh, former Country Program Manager of IFAD, thanked for warm reception and stated the important role of Azerbaijan in the region, and expressed the her satisfaction with the benefits of projects implemented during her activity and emphasized that she leaves the country with good impression.

Tarek Kotb, newly appointed Country Program Manager also thanked for warm reception and mentioned that Azerbaijan is an ancient and hospitable country and expressed that he is honored to be appointed as the representative in our country. He also stated that he is interested in the implementation of new projects during his activity and underlined that a new project in the field of livestock will launch in the near future.