• Parennial plants
    Parennial plants

    Parennial plants include fruits, vineyards, berries, tea plantations etc.

    Fruit growing is one of the main fields of crop growing having particular importance in the nourishment of people. Th...

  • Vegetable-growing

    Potatoes are perennial herbaceous plant belonging to Solanum species of family of flowering plants. There are 2 cultured types: And potatoes (Sandigenum) and Chilean potatoes (Stuberosum) are availab...

  • Technical plants
    Technical plants

    Cotton is warm and light-loving perennial, technical plant belonging to Malvaceae family.


  • Cereal and forage plants
    Cereal and forage plants

    Grain-growing is one of leading fields in agricultural sector which has strategic importance for provision of food safety. Grain-growing as one part of crop-husbandry m...


  • Cattle-breeding

    Brown Caucasian cattle have been produced by Sweden species used in breeding in the world. Sweden cattle is known as brown because of causing to creation of a number of various species and all these ...

  • Sheep-breeding

    Sheep-breeding has an ancient history in Azerbaijan. Sheep are grown in all regions because it is profitable and less labor-intensive. 


  • Poultry

    Apart other food products controlled by veterinary authorities, poultry products are imported to the country by businessmen using favorable conditions provided for development of entrepreneurship. Th...

  • Beekeeping

    Beekeeping plays an important role in the economy of our republic. This area grows year after year. The number of bee families increased to 238 thousand by developing compared to previous years in th...

Agricultural machinery

  • Harvesters

    1869 grain-combines of various brands were purchased and given to product growers by “Aqrolizinq” OJSC in 2005-2016.


  • Tractors

    8431 tractors of various brands and 6822 tractors of “Belarus” brand from Ganja Automobile Plant were purchased by “Aqrolizinq” OJSC and given to product growers in 2005-2016....

  • Other machineries
    Other machineries

    The various agricultural equipment of more than 27 thousand and more than 10500 in 2005-2016 and 2014-2016 accordingly were purchased and given to product growers by “Aqrolizinq” OJSC.

  • Water and Melioration
    Water and Melioration

    The development of the agricultural sector as a whole is based on agriculture and irrigation in Azerbaijan.