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The number of farmers cooperating with "From Village to City" is increasing

"From Village to City" is a project created and implemented by the "Agro Procurement and Supply" Open Joint Stock Company (APS), under the Ministry of Agriculture. The main objective of the project is to develop small and medium farmers, support local food and agricultural producers, and meet the needs of the country's residents for natural products.

Currently, two sales center operate under the brand name "From Village to City" in Baku. One sales center is located at Sabail district, Nizami Street 154B and the other sales center is in Ahmadli settlement, Mahammad Hadi Street 23/24. These sales centers sell local food and agricultural products. Agricultural products sold here are delivered directly to local farmers. During the first 9 months of this year, APS has collaborated with 324 farmers from different regions of the country, and this number is inscreasing day by day. As part of their cooperation with farmers, 56 types and 71 sorts of agricultural products produced by farmers, with a total weight of 1557 tons, presented to the residents of the city in the “From Village to City” sales centers. In addition, food products such as Zagatala tea, Jalilabad peas, Hashimi rice, dried fruits etc. packaged under the brand name "From Village to City" are on sale in these sales centers. Customers can buy these products not only in “From Village to City” sales centers but also in other markets.

This support for farmers aims to develop small and medium farmers in the country, as well as to increase the social welfare of the people living in the regions. Note that the sales centers are suitable not only for farmers, but also for residents of the capital. Thus, the prices of products sold here are more favorable than prices in other markets and shops. The raised preference for natural and local products also leads to increased interest in “From Village to City” sales centers.

We would like to remind you that it is also possible to shop online “From Village to City” sales center. Thus, in order to improve the quality of services provided to residents of the capital, APS launched http://kenddenshehere.az/ website. Citizens can get all the local food and agricultural products they want without leaving their home by visiting the website or by calling +994504009977.

In addition to the sales center, there are regular "From Village to City" fairs held every weekend in different parts of the city. Farmers have the opportunity to sell their products directly to customers at these fairs, which have already become a tradition in Binagadi and Yasamal districts.