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From September 28 Sale of Beekeeping products will begin

From the September 28, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC and the Azerbaijan Beekeepers Association will hold the 20th Exhibition and Sale of Beekeeping Products at the 10 Fatali Khan Khoyski Ave (Tofig Bahramov Stadium).

The preparations for the fair are already finished. Honey and other beekeeping products of registered beekeepers are transported to the fair place from the warehouse of "Agro Procurement and Supply" OJSC that is located at Khojahasan Road 57 (Meyveli Market).

In total, 321 of 347 registered beekeepers delivered their products to the warehouse. 25 people did not submit their products for participation in the fair, even though their registration was confirmed. The total amount of honey delivered to the warehouse is 123 tons. Specialists of the Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency tested honey in laboratory conditions by taking samples of products that will be sold at the fair. In total, 3241 samples were taken, of which 562 (17.34%) were not considered to be in compliance with the quality and food security indicators. Products that do not meet the quality and nutritional standards are not going to be on sale and they will be stored in quarters at Agro Procurement and Supply warehouse located at 57 Khojahasan Road (Meyveli Market) till the end of the fair.

This year's fair organized by at Agro Procurement and Supply OJSC, under the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Azerbaijan Beekeepers' Association is different from previous years.
Registration for the fair for the first time this year was made online via www.bal.kendden.az. The division of the fair territory into zones and sectors, as well as the distribution of beekeepers, was determined by lot. At the same time, the beekeepers paid for their participation through the bank.

Another innovation of this year is the barcode on the packaging of each product that is allowed to be on sale. With this code, customers will find out from which region the product was delivered and by whom via www.bal.kendden.az website.
In order to provide high level of comfort for residents of the city, online ordering services will also be available during the fair. Citizens will be able to visit www.bal.kendden.az and order their products using profiles created for participants. The ordered products will be delivered to the near places to Ganjlik and Nariman Narimanov subway stations free of charge and to other areas with fee.

In order to increase the interest of citizens, in the opening day of the fair, as well as Saturdays and Sundays on the mentioned dates, various entertaining programs and concerts, as well as degustation of beekeeping products during the fair will be held. Citizens can come to the fair every day from September 28 to October 18 from 8:00 to 20:00 and get honey and beekeeping products that meet the quality and nutritional requirements.