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Executive persons of “Agro Procurement and Supply” OJSC met farmers at Quba, Gusar, Khachmaz region

Executives of “Agro Procurement and Supply” OJSC, Under the Ministry of Agriculture, met local farmers and manufacturers of food products at Quba, Gusar, Khachmaz region. Farmers were informed about the activities, projects and future plans of the Agro Procurement and Supply at the State Center of the Agrarian Development at these regions. Farmers and food producers have invited to join the ““From the Village to the City””, “From City to the Village”, “AFAQ”( Azerbaijani Women in Agriculture) projects. Farmers' problems were also heard on and appeals were noted.

Chairman of the Board of “Agro Procurement and Supply” OJSC, Leyla Mammadova, informed the farmers about the activities of the organization headed by her: “Our main task as an organization is to buy agricultural produce from farmers at the expense of public funds and to provide foodstuffs to various government agencies. So far, we have cooperated with hundreds of farmers who have problems with selling their products. About 50 of these farmers operate in Guba, Gusar and Khachmaz regions. In total, we have supplied about 400 tons of agricultural products for ten months from farmers living in these areas. The number of farmers we cooperate with in this region and in other regions is increasing day by day”.

Later, Leyla Mammadova invited farmers to join the project, which is operated by “Agro Procurement and Supply”: “I want to inform that the projects which we are implementing will help you to sell your products faster and at a more affordable price. I invite all of you to join our projects. Two shopping centers operate in Baku within the project "From the Village to the City". Regularly we organize "From the Village to the City «fairs in different locations in the capital every week. In all these fairs and shopping centers, the residents of the capital will be provided with your products. The farmers, who are participating in fairs, sell their products directly to buyers. We provide farmers with free space and equipment. And the project- “From City to the Village” will give you an opportunity to earn extra income from your farm. You will be able to get an alternative sales channel for your products with hosting local and foreign tourists in your farm. And our AFAQ (Azerbaijani Women in Agriculture) project is aimed at women. We want to increase the number of women who are working in the agrarian sector, by implementing this project”.

Leyla Mammadova added that, the farmers who have difficulty for selling their products, is supported and this tradition will continue in the future: I request you to contact our regional offices, State Centers of the agrarian Development, 1652 hot line, and 050 400 88 99 number, for any problems. You may encounter abuse. Anyone, who is not our employee can apply to you, not believe them. Please, go directly to our offices and report your concerns. We will do our best to solve your problems. You can be sure of that. Our goal is to help you to grow your business”.

Recall that the executives of the “Agro Procurement and Supply” OJSC regularly hold meetings with farmers in different regions. These meetings will continue.