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Azerbaijan Agricultural products will be used in the Italian cuisine.

On November 18-24 , Italian Cuisine Week will be held in Baku by the organization of Italian Embassy in Azerbaijan and the support of “Agro Procurement and Supply” OJSC under the Ministry of Agriculture. During the week, apart from Azerbaijan, seminars, conferences, chef meetings, cookery courses, tastings, dinners, business promotion activities and other events will be arranged in other countries around the world.

Chairman of the Board of “Agro Procurement and Supply” OJSC under the Ministry of Agriculture, Leyla Mammadova, one of the partners of the week, stated that the event will encompass different topical issues too:  “The event will not end with only the promotion of Italian cuisine and culture. Within the week's seminars and conferences, it will also focus on the existent significant issues such as food and environment protection, healthy food culture, food security, food rights, territory features, biodiversity and agro-tourism.

Within the Italian Cuisine Week, on November 21, a conference on “Safe Food, High Quality Products and a Strong Country Brand”, “Italian-Azerbaijani Dialogue” will be held in Baku.  By noting her speech on "Healthy Food and Food Safety", at the following conference, Leyla Mammadova stated that the event will contribute to Azerbaijan-Italy relations:

Throughout the week, famous Italian chefs Anna Maria Palma, Nicola Batavia, Stefano Boselli and Carlo Cracco will make a variety of Italian dishes from our local agricultural products. In other words, Azerbaijani products will enrich Italian culinary traditions. This process itself will demonstrate both Italian cuisine and the quality of our local products.  We will also discuss cooperation in the field of agriculture between Azerbaijan and Italy with representatives from public and private sectors visiting our country from Italy. Our purpose is to gain benefit from Italy’s proven experience in the field of agro tourism in order to elaborate “From City to Village” project.     

It should be noted that the main goal of the Italian Culinary Week that is annually organized in various countries around the world is to promote the cuisine and food products of the country in the world.