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Leyla Mammadova: “Next year, the number of “From Village to City” sale centers will be increased”

A year has passed since the launch of the same-named sale center located at 154B Nizami Street within the “From Village to City” project. The main objective of the project, implemented by “Agro Procurement and Supply” OJSC under the Ministry of Agriculture, is to create an alternative sales channel for local small and medium-sized farms, support them, and to meet the demand of the capital's residents for food products with natural and healthy products.

Speaking concerning the anniversary of the sale center, Chairman of “Agro Procurement and Supply” OJSC, Leyla Mammadova emphasized the major role of “From Village to City” project in providing access to the rural products for residents.

“Our main goal is to ensure that the capital's residents have an access to the products of local small and medium sized farms by reducing the number of intermediaries. We have cooperated with more than 200 farmers within the activities of the "From Village to City" sale centers and online sales so far, and this number is increasing every day. Our sale centers are available not only for farmers but also for residents of the capital. Thus, the products are sold at a better price than other shops and markets here. During this one year, we have implemented a number of innovations in our operations and will also continue to implement innovations in the following years. We try to develop the brand "From Village to City" through the private sector in the future. We are planning to increase the number of “From Village to City” sale centers next year”.

Leyla Mammadova stated that “From Village to City”  project was not limited to the only sale center:

“This project does not consist of only sale center. Within this project, we pack local food products under the brand name "From Village to City". The number of the same-named fairs has already reached five. We also cooperate with farmers on the weekends’ fairs. So far, Agricultural products grown by more than 1,000 farmers have being sold directly by them at the fairs.

It should be noted that the organizing company has launched another sale center in Ahmadli settlement in July this year by considering the interest of citizens to “From Village to City” sale center and fairs. In the sale centers, natural and healthy products produced by local small and medium-sized farms, as well as food producers are delivered to the buyers. In addition, it also sells food products (Zagatala tea, peas, rice, etc.) packaged under the brand name "From Village to City"

“From Village to City ” sale center has also online ordering service. Thus, in order to improve the quality of services provided to the residents of the capital, “Agro Procurement and Supply” OJSC launched  http://kenddenshehere.az/website.  Citizens can get the local food and agricultural products they want without leaving their addresses by entering the website or by calling +994504009977.